Warm Greeting from Us, here is some information that may be helpful for you during your first visit in our church.

How do I learn more about GBI ROCK SAMARINDA?
Our volunteers are delighted to assist you to know and learn more about our church.

How can I join a service at GBI ROCK SAMARINDA?
You can check our Sunday services schedule at Instagram @rocksamarinda. Facebook (fanpage) @ROCKsamarinda  choose the one that is most suitable for you.

How can I get more information about events at GBI ROCK SAMARINDA?
We have MyROCK app available at Play Store and App Store (coming soon) where we update our latest events. Feel free to create your personalized MyROCK account to keep yourself updated with the news , events and other features from GBI ROCK Samarinda.

How can I give my offering at ROCK SAMARINDA?
We don’t have offering time during services, but you can give through:
The offering boxes (for cash) located throughout the church exit
wire transfer to GBI ROCK SAMARINDA – BCA (Bank Central Asia) A/C : 0277882888.

How can I get more involved in GBI ROCK SAMARINDA? How can I be a member of GBI ROCK SAMARINDA?

The first step of our Discipleship Journey is by being planted in our small groups called IC (I-Connected). It is the groups where we grow together as a community of believers. If you would like to know more or join a IC, please visit our IC page.

How can I volunteer in GBI ROCK SAMARINDA?
We believe all volunteers are a disciples in action . So they need to be first planted in IC and are recommended by their IC Leaders to join the volunteering works

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